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About Paul Thornton

Paul Thornton is an experienced Online Marketing Expert.

Paul is both a Google Adwords and Google Analytics Qualified Individual.

Paul has experience working for major corporations such as the Expansys group and the Redcats group within the UK. He also has experience working for smaller companies through his work for agencies within the North East of England. Whilst in China, Paul has experience of working for a multi-national organisation across 11 different countries and 6 different languages. Paul now resides in Auckland, New Zealand and works for the largest search agency in Australasia - the largest in New Zealand, and the 3rd largest within Australia.

Paul has worked with marketing budgets ranging from £20 a month to £150,000 a month. He's worked on multi-tactical campaigns with advanced customer-targeting to small pay-per-click and email marketing campaigns.

with 5 years online marketing experience ...